OSHO Vipassana is a gift for those who are ready to dive deeper into what Osho describes as "watching is your secret love". This powerful process is supported by the seasonal tranquility of Lesbos and the unique energy field of Oshoafroz. It is an ideal setting to discover moments of stillness, understanding and insight. The serenity and tranquility of the island Lesvos and Afroz in late season will support watching the mind as well as finding moments of peace, understanding and silence of the heart.
These ten days of turning inwards, free from outer distractions, will naturally open the doors to deep meditation. Ten days of no outer disturbance, no talking, simply engaging with yourself naturally enhances the capacity of a deeper level of meditation. In OSHO Vipassana the active meditations Dynamic, Kundalini and Evening Meeting are complementing the silent sittings - so the energies can move and make the process juicy and alive.