The Facilitators

Deva Satsanga

Satsanga was born and raised in Germany. For 20 years she has been a contemporary gypsy, living, traveling and sharing 'OSHO' around the globe. Satsanga teaches 'Osho Meditation in Depth & Facilitating' at the OSHO International Meditation Resort in Pune, India, where she has been working for many years.
She has been leading Osho meditations and workshops in the OSHO Meditation Resort in India as well as in many other Osho's centers, festivals and venues around the world. She also facilitates some of the 'Osho Meditative Therapies' and as a therapist she teaches 'Inner Man- Inner Woman' and 'Working with your Shadow'.

"My greatest influence and inspiration in life has been Osho who changed my life in ways I could not have dreamt of. He encouraged and fed my love for meditation, which had always been there. With age I feel it growing, like roots wanting to dig deeper into the ground. There is a longing, even an urge to sit longer hours and deepen my meditation and strengthen the watcher. It was one of my sincere heart wishes to offer a 10-day Vipassana Retreat in Osho Afroz - and, because this center has so much passion for meditation, all the doors opened. So we are delighted to offer the first Osho-Vipassana Silent Retreat in Afroz." Satsanga

Anekant QUick

Anekant has been doing Osho Mediations for the last 37 years. He is trained as an Osho Meditation Facilitator as well as a Meditative Therapy Leader (Osho No Mind and Osho Born Again). Anekant is also a Hypnotherapist, an NLP Trainer and a Bodyworker amongst other things. Over the years he has been closely linked to the Osho Meditation Resort in Pune and also to Osho Afroz in Greece.



"When I first started meditating I was subtly drawn to Vipassana but found it very difficult to sit silently with my tempestuous and raging inner being. So I did Osho Dynamic and Kundalini for an extended number of years. It was not long before I was able to sit more easily in my being and practice Vipassana. Over time Osho Vipassana has become the cornerstone of my life and is my chosen meditation. The Vipassana journey has been a very rich experience with its gentle, surprises, changes and ever deepening insight. I love the sense of peace that it brings." Anekant